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HB60 cam three-axis rolling machine

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • 1.Designed for tube parts, such as triangular support, rolling teeth to ensure that the workpiece when the roundness, concentricity and verticality
  • 2.Using cam feed, combined with frequency converter, adjustable rolling time, so that the workpiece standard
  • 3.shaft parts imported high-quality materials, heat treatment after grinding, the machine durable
  • 4. Import universal joint drive, gear box transmission, smooth transmission, low noise This machine adopts cooling circulation system, can make the rolling wheel life to improve
  • 5. CE certification

Product Details

type:Thread rolling machine

brand:Macro platinum

model:HB - 60

Main motor power:3 (kw)

Maximum spindle stroke:29 (mm)

Spindle speed range:300 (RPM)

Work precision:Child general rules

The main Angle:3 (c)

Rolling screw pitch range:(3.5 mm)

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