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China's precision mold industry export market or into the key development
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In the future, the focus of mold industry development is not only to meet a large number of needs, but also has a high technical content, especially at present the domestic is not self-sufficient, need a large number of imported mold and can represent the direction of development of large, precise, complex, long life mold.International model association secretary general Luo Baihui thinks, because our country's mold product has the bigger price advantage in the international market, the export prospect good mold brand will also become the key point of development.

Especially home hardware industry needs constant development and innovation, the industry for home hardware demand is increasing, home hardware industry presents different changes.Many furniture hardware manufacturers are invisible to separate the two, decorative hardware does not pay attention to functional development, functional hardware to its decorative development research is insufficient, disjointed between the two.

Mould industry is an important part of the hardware industry in China, the 12th five-year period is the major change environment, properly deal with the domestic and foreign development in our country to speed up the key period to realize the comprehensive construction well-off society goal, also is the key to the healthy development of the mould manufacturing industry in China, the domestic and foreign environment, although there are many uncertain factors, but the economic development of our country is still in the growth period, the comparative advantage of die mold in the international market in our country still exists, the domestic mold market expectations also continues to look good, mould industry development trend.

In recent years, the pace of structural adjustment of mold industry has been accelerated, which is mainly reflected in the development speed of large, precise, complex, long-life molds and mold standard parts higher than the overall development speed of the industry.The proportion of plastic mold and die casting mold increases;The number and capacity of professional mold manufacturers facing the market are increasing rapidly.The future development direction of China automobile mould company should pay attention to the adjustment and positioning of product structure, further improve the level of mould manufacturing technology, occupy the high-end mould market with complex structure, high precision and high technical content.

According to luo Baihui, secretary-general of the International model association, with the deepening of the reform and opening up policy, the state departments concerned to the mold industry attention and support, coupled with the mold industry association and other social organizations publicity and promotion, so that the mold industry in Zhejiang more rapid development, mold market scale in the country ranked first.

During the 12th five year Plan period, the mold market general trend is stable upward.At present, the domestic market is in great demand for middle and high grade moulds, but domestic moulds must meet the needs of users in terms of quality, delivery time and so on.Moreover, the appliance, automobile, plastic products industry has the largest demand for molds.International market: In recent years, labor costs have increased in industrialized countries, which are shifting to developing countries, especially southeast Asian countries.Its domestic production of high, precision mold based, manual labor input large mold imports to solve.Therefore, the low - end mold international market potential is very great.As long as the quality of domestic mold can be improved, the delivery date can be guaranteed, the prospect of mold export is very optimistic.In addition, the international market for frame and mold standard parts demand is also very large.At present, China has only a small number of exports to the frame.

Although China's total mold production has ranked the third in the world, there are some enterprises and manufacturers with excellent overall level in the industry, but the current characteristics of the domestic mold industry is the uneven manufacturing process conditions, the gap is very large.Quite a few are private enterprises or self-employed, by capital, site, technology, information exchange and many other factors, a part of the manufacturers rely on traditional equipment and manual manufacturing, can only produce a few medium and low-grade mold, it is difficult to introduce advanced mold making technology and advanced mold making equipment.This resulted in intensified competition in the middle and low - end mould market.Some mold enterprises in order to live, not hesitate to reduce the price of each other, and the low price is bound to affect the quality of products, the result is pit users, the peer, also hurt themselves.

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