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Automatic pipe cutting machine features and maintenance, safety precautions
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Automatic pipe cutter is a machine that can automatically make steel pipe cutting. The operating voltage is stable at 2.2 KW, and the minimum ∅4 and maximum ∅35 are within the range of processing. It operates in the hydraulic form.Automatic pipe cutting machine is easy to consume. What are the characteristics and maintenance forms of this kind of pipe cutting machine?What are the precautions for operation?Below the macro platinum Precision machinery Company small make up for you to briefly introduce:

Features of automatic pipe cutting machine:

1. Good energy saving effect.The use of tool rotation, the pipe does not move, save the power needed for the rotation of the pipe.

2. High efficiency and low operating cost.Adopting the cutting method of multi-tool simultaneous machining, the machining efficiency is high and the cutting tool consumption is low.

3. High processing precision and low noise.

4. High reliability, good accuracy and easy maintenance.

5. The control system adopts the motion control platform based on industrial Ethernet, with high degree of automation and strong control function, and fully realizes the production automation of steel pipe cutting and processing.

6. The main use of automatic pipe cutter is suitable for high-efficiency and precise cutting and processing of petroleum casing, welded pipe, high-pressure boiler pipe, pipeline pipe and optical casing, etc., which can meet the requirements of large-scale production in petroleum, metallurgy, bearing and other industries.At the same time, can reduce energy consumption, save steel.

Safety Precautions:

1. Before operation, check whether the switches and protective devices of all electrical appliances of the machine are normal, and operate only when there is no abnormality confirmed.

2. When the operator leaves the machine during the operation, the power should be turned off. In case of any malfunction of the machine, the power should be cut off first, and then effective measures should be taken.

3. During operation, do not cut the pipe too hard to prevent it from breaking.

Daily maintenance:

1. Check whether there is any abnormal operation of the machine and check the safety of electrical switch.

2. Fill lubricating oil according to the specified time.

3, after the work, clean up the machine, clean up thoroughly.

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